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Pizza & Passion

The Italian Pizza School employs only the very best pizza chefs and  trainers. People who have climbed to the very top of their careers in the pizza and restaurant industries in Italy and the UK. We provide training courses and consultancy services nationally and internationally. 
Our courses are tailored to suit everyone – from students wanting to start their careers to professionals who need to progress to the highest levels of pizza-making. We provide training for both individuals and for companies. 
After completing the basic course (including a week’s placement in a professional pizzeria) our students are ready to begin work in any pizza kitchen. 
Intermediate courses help pizza-makers to become professional pizza chefs while our advanced courses enable trained pizza chefs to further improve their skills and become instructors or owners of their own business.


Over the years we have learned that great pizza-makers are driven by their passion to make great pizza. They seek knowledge, they are always looking to improve and we have injected that passion and that drive into our courses. Our programes tap into that spirit and fervour. We teach our students the best way to prepare and to make the best pizza but our courses do not stop there.  They inspire the intellect, they stimulate the senses and for each of our students they ignite the zeal that turns good cooks into great chefs. We hope and trust that the students we train will themselves inspire others to want to learn the secrets of making truly great pizza.

We have spent several years honing our skills and techniques so that we can pass on our comprehensive knowledge and vast experience to our students whether they are fresh out of school, seasoned professionals or anyone in between. 

Our courses teach various skills including: 

  • Dough preparation
  • Different types of dough
  • Stretching pizza dough (in various styles)
  • Different styles of pizza
  • Preparation of ingredients
  • How To Spread Toppings
  • and much more… 

We offer a great consultation service too. We can help your restaurant, your pub or your hotel to set up a pizza section and we can train your chefs in all aspects of making pizza.